The former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli is fierce in their criticism of Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He said that he went to Portugal because of his mother, but now it just looks like he takes pictures by the pool,” says.

The harsh words have been said in a programme with Radio Punto Nuovo, according to AS.

the Criticism goes that Cristiano Ronaldo was quick to leave Italy, since the first spread of the coronavirussen began to be evident in the støvleformede country.

For just over two weeks ago, the Portuguese superstar is allowed to go home to Madeira to visit his mother, who had been hospitalized with a stroke.

His departure occurred just before the Juventus-team-mate Daniele Rugani was tested positive for coronavirussen – and just before the Italian Serie A was suspended.

Meanwhile, put the Portuguese superstar himself in self-imposed isolation on the hjemøen, while the rest of the extremely hard-hit Italy quickly closed completely down. Also other football players left in the meantime their Italian home.

“It was heavily in Juventus, when Cristiano Ronaldo left,” says Giovanni Cobolli Gigli:

“Since there was made an exception for him, the situation was more complicated, and the other also wanted to travel. So it would not have been. All should have been in quarantine.”

Madeira, who appeared as images like the above, where Cristiano Ronaldo and licked the sun on his balcony. Also together with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who was raised with him.

the Footballer has even posted pictures out where he is sitting in a gym.

But especially the one second image has attracted attention.

It is also taken in the context of a training session, in which Cristiano Ronaldo posing in bare-chested and roll-up shorts. It is taken by his sister Katia Aveiro. See it here:

According to the Giovanni Cobolli Gigli is not better when coronahurlumhejet is over, and players like Cristiano Ronaldo return to Italy, which just is the worst affected country in the world in relation to coronavirussen.

“It is easy to criticize now, seen from the outside. I can understand why some players would be leaving the Italy, but when they come back, they get even harder to get back in shape, because they must be quarantined for an additional 14 days,” says the former Juventus president.

It is not yet known when the Series A and all the other football leagues in Europe can færdigspilles.

the Other day it came in the way forward, Crisitano Ronaldo’s mother now has the better and has been discharged from the hospital.