Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent arranges for the new intensive care units in Lisbon and Porto.

the football star Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes will donate money, which can create new intensive care units of two Portuguese hospitals, so you can be better equipped to tackle the coronavirus.

It says a local sundhedsembedsmand to the AFP news agency.

As a minimum, the two will donate the money to the new departments at hospitals in Lisbon and Porto. Both sites will capacity will be increased by ten beds.

The hospital in Lisbon already has a capacity of 77 seats.

But also the university hospital Santo Antonio in Porto are considered.

– It is a very important investment, which includes more than a dozen life-support machines and other necessary equipment, ” says Eurico Castro Alves, who is the director of the hospital’s surgical department.

He adds that the departments will be named after Ronaldo and his agent.

Portugal has so far registered more than 30 coronadødsfald, while earlier on Tuesday was registered 2362 infected.

Ronaldo finds himself on the Portuguese island of Madeira, where there are 11 confirmed smittetilfælde.

Should it be necessary, will Ronaldo also help Madeira, with more intensivpladser, says Eurico Castro Alves.

Ronaldo in Madeira, to visit his mother, who is recovering from a recent stroke.

Ronaldo has been in the corona-quarantine, as several of his team mates in Juventus is infected.