the players of The Italian champion, Juventus have decided to make a four-month pay-off as a result of the coronacrisis. The serie a champions made it to the ‘breaking news’ on our web site. The gesture of the players, save for the Old Lady as much as 90 million euros. May is also The former Barcelona coach may be unable to earn: even if Barcelona is to talk about it, to save on wages and you will be voorbereidingsmatchen in Asia.

the Italian media in recent days, the message is that following a video conference between the captain, Giorgio Chiellini, Real Madrid, Leonardo Bonucci and Gianluigi Buffon, and the measures that have been adopted. For a top player He would go on to make a total of nearly four million.

“because of the current global state of emergency can not currently be performed”, and started The in her press release. “It was then agreed with the players and the coach of the first team for the remainder of the season, with a compensation to do so. The agreement provides that an amount equivalent to the salaries of march, april, may, and June of 2020. In the next few weeks will be a personal chord with the players and the coach will be finished.”

for example, If the match of the season is still scheduled to be in the club with the players and negotiating for them, will still have to pay for it.

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you may Also use it in Spain and save money in the meantime, teams and wages: among others, rcd Espanyol, and Atletico Madrid snoeiden all of the wages and salaries paid to their players. May be it FC Barcelona, and that’s an example. That was last year with a turnover of 840 million euros, but the club is also going to suffer from extremely high labour costs. Only Lionel Messi deserves every year of 35 million euros, regardless of the bonuses. The Catalans, wanted to be first to 70% save money on the spelerslonen, as long as the competition is at rest, but it didn’t come to an agreement with the players. That would be based on a variety of Spanish sport newspapers ready to be delivered, but in about ten percent of the time. An agreement does not yet exist.

in Barcelona, and would also like to think about this summer, yet again, on a world tour to much-needed capital. However, after this past summer, and the difficult start to the season and have decided that you no longer have to do that. Too much travel, not enough exercise, complained the players. But because of the lost revenue, every euro is welcome and would be given the option of a few galamatchen in Asia pacific is back on the table. Such a match is lucrative, can be proved to be Football’s Leaks though. When Real Madrid and Barcelona in the summer of 2017 in Miami, who will be the happier out of the Spanish territory and playing, this made Barcelona for almost six million euros.

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