Romanov caught cheating with his partner for the show

Actor Peter Romanov cheating on girlfriend with her partner on the show “dancing with the stars” actress Mary Smolnikova. About it reports “StarHit”.

31-year-old Novels, as reported by “the Rambler”, that kept the show “heads and tails” and played in such films and TV series like “He — dragon”, “Classmate”, “Street”, “Seize the moment” and “Filatov”. In 2015, he married a girl named Anna Pavlova, the rose. Some time later they divorced.

Currently Novels meets another girl and takes part in the show “dancing with the stars” on TV channel “Russia”. His partner is 32-year-old Smolnikova.

“Behind the scenes say that you will become very close…” — said the leader of the program Andrey Malakhov during one of the editions.

Novels called the talk about this intrigue. Meanwhile, as told to “StarHit” knowledgeable companion, Novels and Smolnikova have entered into a relationship, do not flaunt them, but know this, the staff and members of “Dancing with the stars”.

“Yes, and can they not see that? Look at their performance — among them such a passion!” — added a source.