the finest hour for Rolf Knie (69): 45. Prix Walo award in the TCP-Studios in Zurich yesterday, in the evening in the sign of the artist, Clowns and artists from the circus dynasty. The knee was awarded with the honor-Prix-Walo for his life’s work. A price that he knows better than anyone else – the Golden star sculpture he has designed 20 years ago by hand.

just as long as Monika Kaelin (64) is also the hostess of the most important award in the Swiss Film and Music. “Rolf is a friend for life, I’ve known him for 45 years, since I was a kindergarten teacher,” says Kaelin. She asked the artist to design the trophy for the Prix Walo. A decision he does not regret. “The sculpture is like me still to this day very well,” says knee. Whether it is a harlequin or a star, which he leaves entirely to the eye of the beholder.

Baschi, the-Hearted

Of the ten Golden trophies Patti Basler (42) was allowed to take one home with you. The comedian replied with a joke: “The Prix Walo gets a place of honor on my shelf. He is the ideal book.”

For the most Frank Moment of the Evening, singer Baschi (32), was nominated as a crowd favorite. In addition to his girlfriend, Alana Netzer (31) took the Basler also be mommy Monika Bürgin (60) to the Gala. “I wanted to make her mother’s day a special joy, and she got surprised yesterday with the invitation,” said Bashi. Mommy Monika nods: “I am very happy, even if I had no more time to buy a new dress.”

(Pop/Rock), dialect-Duo

(of Folk-like Schlager), men’s choir


(newcomers), actress

(Comedy), comedian

(stage production), Theater Rigiblick, Zurich

(film production), Director: Michael Steiner production: Hans Syz

SRF (TV production), Swiss crime scene, with Stefan Gubser, Director: Dani Levy

(actor) for the Film “cloudburst”


(audience favorite)