“Choi. No end summer” is mandatory the name given to the project which the gallery will present a wide audience on Saturday, 6 August. In the solo exhibition, showing the musician as an artist in the diversity of his creative method, the curators, they said, first tried to keep the spirit of freedom, without which it is impossible to imagine the legacy of Choi.

Numerous paintings and graphic works, as well as personal belongings and Polaroids that show in St. Petersburg, provided by the film critic and translator Natalia Razlogova, which Viktor Tsoy spent the last years of his life. First of all we are talking about 1988-1990, carried out by the musician in Moscow, in the house on Union street. But not only that. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” about the exhibition said the exhibition curator KGallery Xenia Remezov.

– We show not only Moscow but from Leningrad period. When Victor lived in Moscow, he still came to Leningrad, stopped by Georgy Guryanov (rock musician and painter, member of group “Cinema”. – Approx. ed.), and together they engaged in the work. The musicians even shared the acrylic, which brought their friend and ally, American singer Joanna Stingray. She helped them: in the Soviet Union, the good paint was not only expensive, they were hard to find. Then, in 1990, Choi wrote the bulk of their large-format canvases – then he should be able to buy their own paint. And Stingray brought Tsoi, the legendary can of soup “Campbell”, depicted in the famous work of Andy Warhol. From his own hand, signed specially for the Victor.

According to Xenia Remezova, most of the presented works created in Moscow, Belyaevo. And in Latvia, where Choi spent the summer months at the cottage – here painted personal items with the unique pattern and the beginning of 80-ies with the depicted idyllic scenes.

the Musician and the artist used as a work surface plastic bags, packaging material, kitchen cloths. Everything was in motion. As someone who does not first show, I will say that working with such ephemeral material as painting on oilcloth, was not easy. The oilcloth cannot be mounted with the glass, you need to look for ways to show these artifacts safely and with all of the guidelines. This is the task which we have not previously encountered. But these are the things I was most memorable. You directly perceive the fragility of the materials that need to be put, is a very interesting tactile and emotional experience.

the Project “Choi. No end summer” – a landmark event that such large-scale solo exhibition of Viktor Tsoy has not happened. The exhibition will be open until September 13. Presented in a small work can HC��to do with Muscovites in 2021 in the capital is planned to hold exhibition-the biopic “Victor Tsoy. The hero’s journey”, part of which will be the St. Petersburg exhibition.