Head of the Patriarchal Commission for family Affairs, Archpriest Dimitrii (Smirnov) called megacities hell. The words of the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church leads the “Interfax”.

“the Metropolis by itself is generally not the existence of life. The Lord gave man the earth and even in heaven, but the metropolis is the opposite of this Paradise, this is hell!” the Minister said at a meeting of the clergy of the Northern Vicariate of Moscow.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the “so called city” in the center of Moscow. “In America, in every big city like this city, and we made to get us to attach to a hellish life”, — said the Archpriest.

In the opinion of the representative of the Church, the skyscrapers are absolutely not a massive person and suppress the psyche. He also expressed concern about fire safety in these buildings.

“Burn badly: if it is impossible to get out of such traps,” explained Smirnov.

He added that the environment of the metropolis hostile to man, and also called the happy family of priests who serve on the rural parish. There, in his opinion, more natural life.

Remarks the Archpriest Dmitry repeatedly caused public outcry. So, in February, he called the civil wives free prostitutes, and then complained of threats from humans. Explaining his statement, the priest called the Russian men’s national catastrophe. In early March, the priest said that Russian girls must not go to school and learn to be mothers in the future.