The Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson is widely regarded as the iconic manager of Manchester United. But the fact that the Shot is not always true, Sir, they can players who are under him to play football have to feel the same way. Robin van Persie was close to the rage of Ferguson’s, says the former international, in an interview with the French , SoFoot .

Ferguson was famous for the so-called hairdryer method: the anger or the discontent of the words in the face of a player to ‘blow up’, as if he were a hair dryer was. Robin Van Persie can laugh about it now, but in 2013, he was terrified out of his wits. “Ferguson was ruthless. Both In word and In action.”

In the interview, remind Of the fa cup especially to a story in the spring of 2013, when Manchester United were preparing for the 20th and so far the last title in the uk. “In our first season, we had to make the competitieduel with Manchester City to 15 points in the Premier League. If we were to win, it was in a hole up to 18 points. However, we will be lost. Still, we were 12 points clear at the top. Most of the managers would not be much of a problem, but Ferguson was furious.”