In a Hamburg car Park, have been attacked by three unknown perpetrators, a man and other jewelry looted. But because they had problems with their Park map, was recorded in her attempt to escape from the surveillance camera. Now the police are looking for based on these photos after the perpetrators.

The incident was in June of 2018: Two of the three suspects ambushed a 57-year-old man in the Park house. One of the men struck suddenly with fists to the head of the victim, wherein the second offender him of his rolling suitcase, a briefcase and a shoulder bag snatched. The men stole jewelry and personal items of the victim.

Then the perpetrators wanted to escape with a VW Golf – but that didn’t go smoothly. Your accomplice already tried during the Robbery, to open the Parking barrier at the exit of the car Park. In vain, the barrier remained.

Then, broke through the three with the car to the barrier and continued their escape. The involuntary stop gave the police but usable video material. The state police receives information to the perpetrators.