Today the actress accompanied by her lawyer appealed to law enforcement agencies.

The famous actress Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina requires in her husband’s Bari Alibasov return he inherited from his apartment. Today her lawyer Julian Sobolev told the “Star” about the visit of their trust in law enforcement. Talking about three-room apartment in Moscow at a cost of ten million rubles.

“Lidia joined my statement about excitation of criminal case. She asks to see how legitimate a transaction. She explained in detail that which preceded it, as had been agreed, as they designed will. Now the question on cancellation of the will in favor of Alibasov,” – said Sobolev.

Simultaneously, the ongoing civil dispute over the return of housing, said the lawyer. In his words, the question is not only about the apartment but also on further marital relationship between Fedoseeva-Shukshina and Alibasova.

Now we live in an apartment by outsiders, and that angered the actress. She insists that no square meters Alibasova did not give. The producer and the husband of the plaintiff not communicate and did not return calls.

“Alibasov suspiciously hidden from the outside world and from Lydia Nikolaevna. She calls to all phones and producer and his son and the Director. No sign of him, and his son actually behaved in an ungentlemanly manner and began to insult her on the phone. The feeling that took the apartment and it is not necessary”, – said the lawyer of the actress.

On this fact is conducted investigation verification. Now the police will get around to dismantling and in case of deceit or fraud, Bari Alibasov could face criminal prosecution.