Ingredients 2 tranches of salmon fillet (each 150 g)1 ELZitronensaft2 PrisenCayennepfeffer1 ELDill, gehackt2 ELOlivenöl250 gZucchini, in approximately 1-cm-thick Scheiben300 gGrüne asparagus salt to taste chopped Oil for Braten1/4 TSP Salz1Zwiebel, in Streifen2 ELTrockener vermouth (e.g. Noilly Prat)1/2 dlWasser1 ELAceto balsamic bianco2 TBSP olive oil salt and pepper to Bedarf1 ELDill, preparation of Salmon instalments on the plate. Lemon juice with Cayenne pepper, Dill and olive oil mix over the salmon tranches, and up to the Fry.Zucchini in a steam basket, season with salt and steam for approx. 10 Min. cook in the oven. Cover and set aside wash the asparagus, peel the asparagus and chop off the ends a bit.Asparagus in plenty of salted water until al dente cooking (about 10 Min.).The oil in the frying pan will be hot fish tranches drain, at medium heat on each side about 5 Min. fry, take out, season with salt, keep warm.Onion in the Bratsatz briefly sautee the wormwood and water to pour on the half until fine.Oil and vinegar, add the seasoning. Aside asked the Zucchini and asparagus with Dill and warm Marinade mix, garnish, salmon beaches to lay on it.Tip: Instead of salmon tranches of fresh tuna steaks.

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