At Christmas time, the Christmas goose is a very popular dish. But not everyone dares to bake. Our expert says: Dare! Here are the recipe and instructions for the roast goose.

Many people shy away from preparing whole poultry themselves because at least the first time you are faced with three big questions.

The rule of thumb for the cooking process is: one hour per kilogram at 160 degrees. That should work. Please do not think that you can shorten the cooking time to 45 minutes per kilo by increasing the temperature to 200 degrees. Then it can happen that the goose is cooked through, but the skin becomes very dark and the outer layer of meat gets too dry.

For a good sauce, it is advisable to place a container in the form of a roasting pan under the goose (lying on a grate). Soup greens and water should go in there so that the meat juices that come out of the goose don’t burn, but mix with the water to form the basis of a great sauce. Because the wings of a goose usually contain little meat, they can be separated and placed in the roaster. The bones and the little meat on them give the sauce that extra taste.

Those who follow the 160-degree rule also get crispy skin. Rub the goose with salt, but never with pepper. It could burn and with it parts of the skin.

Final tip: Anyone who does not yet dare to eat an expensive goose after these recommendations should practice with a slightly cheaper roast chicken.

Side dish tip: red cabbage and potato dumplings. Maybe a dab of apple compote with the red cabbage.

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1 goose about 4 kilos 2 tbsp dried mugwort 2 apples 20 walnuts 2 onions 2 tbsp salt 1 tbsp pepper 1 pack of soup greens 2 liters of water

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