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RKI-Chef Wieler: “Our actions, which is good news,”

10.09 PM:
compared to Easter a few cases were submitted, so Wieler. The would be the fact that there is simply less tested and thus was sent to. Therefore, the case numbers are in the last days is also low.

10.07 PM: Officially 125.000 cases are reported in Germany. The were 2000 more than the previous day. Overall, it would be in Germany 2969 deaths, 170 more than the previous day. 68.100 patients, however, recover.

10.03 PM: “The discipline that we have held in the last few weeks, we should keep it, the more beautiful will be the reward.”

10.00 am: “ The Figures show some positive trends,” begins RKI-chief Lothar Wieler today’s press conference. You’ve achieved a goal: to decouple The flu wave of the Covid-19-shaft. “And we succeeded.” In addition, the measures imposed would strike. “Our measures are having an effect, this is good news.”

Tuesday, 14. April, 9.19 PM: The Robert Koch Institute informed at 10 o’clock on the current situation. Here you can read the Statement. So you see, the Statement of the Robert Koch-Institute live on the Internet

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