Rostov-on-don yesterday struck a heavy downpour, it rained all day. Storm sewers failed to cope with the flow of water and streets heavily impounded.

Under the water were dozens of cars from the flood affected more than 20 houses. Many inhabitants practically swim to get to work, someone had to stay home.

takes the Baton Rostov-on-Donu: the incessant downpour covered the city. The streets flooded in some areas, power outages. Authorities have asked not to leave their homes.Hang on, neighbors!

“we had rivers in the streets because of a weak storm. The flood was strong,” – say the locals.

the Municipality has received about a hundred messages about the emergency. Emergency workers have evacuated more than ten thousand cubic meters of water. elimination of consequences of weather Apocalypse was attended by about two thousand people and 280 units.

Publish from Abakar (@abakargasanov2020) 17 Jul 2020 at 4:02 PDT