Auvers-sur-Oise – this is the name of art lovers to be melancholic. Or Honfleur. Or Étretat. Or Giverny. There are places that have world-famous art painters, world-famous. The locations are, or at least in the vicinity of the Its.

you could Visit, of course with the car. Much more relaxed but with a cruise ship, for example, the MS Amadeus Diamond, chartered by Rivage river trips.

From Paris to Le Havre and back

“Salut la Seine” is the name of the travel product. The eight-day journey takes you from Paris to Le Havre and back. After checking in late in the afternoon, the ship departs in the night to Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. Not just a name of a place, of a geography or history lesson could be stuck. But the exploration of this town with the Romanesque Church of Saint-Maclou values no less exciting. It is the only sacred structure will not be on this trip.

Where Vincent van Gogh leads spent his last days

From Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, a half-hour bus ride to Auvers-sur-Oise. No patch of earth, you must have seen, would not have spent there, Vincent van Gogh, his last three months, and in 70 days 77 paintings painted. We visited the grave, the Church, painted by the Dutch, and his house, where he spent his last days of life.

Created in Auvers-sur-Oise, van Gogh’s Painting the Cornfield and the ravens: “Champ de blé aux corbeaux is”. There, where the Unfortunate his easel set up could have a photo of the painting. Scattered throughout the village one sees photographs in front of the Subjects, the impoverished low countries, Malta, be it in front of the Church or the town hall.

Rouen, its Cathedral, was an impressionist known: Claude Monet painted the Gothic building at different times of the Day. Him the subject interested less, him, the light interested.

To honor Jeanne d’arc, a cutting-edge Church

It is not to give the impression, in “Salut a la His” handle it’s a themed cruise. Also, history lovers, come in Normandy for your account! Even more famous than Monet, a historical Person: Jeanne d’arc is, in the German Joan of arc language called, was burned in Rouen, burned at the stake alive.

The French national heroine, is dedicated to an impressive, state of the art Church. What shows that the Normandy is capable of in terms of art history, not only Romanesque and Gothic architecture to show for it.

Étretat – where a painter attracted

felt Etretat, with its alabaster coast, however, is something for nature lovers, although also has thanks to this place its fame, at least partially, Claude Monet. He painted the alabaster-coloured chalk cliffs at different times of the Day. Alabaster is the name of the coast because of the color, not because of the rock.

Étretat is a good half an hour from Le Havre, where the ship makes with 75 cabins on the third day. Le Havre itself does not seem to offer much, if one may believe the Trip leaders. Quite different is the town of Honfleur, which can be reached with the Bus via the Pont de Normandie, with its span of 856 metres.

Honfleur is too small to swallow the masses of tourists

Honfleur is in addition to Bayeux, the sole place of Normandy which remained in the Second world war bombings spared, know the travel Director to report on the bus excursion. In view of the tourist flows, one can have a glimpse of its charm, of course, only. The Impressionists had their time better than they painted the picturesque harbour.

“My most beautiful masterpiece is my garden”

You remember: 290’000 visitors flocked in the first half of 2017, according to Riehen, near Basel, to marvel at the Fondation Beyeler, the water lilies of Claude Monet. These water lilies, the artist has painted in his garden in Giverny. It is special: As a landscape painter erected in front of his house there was a garden with a large pond, to a certain extent, conjures up his Subject, he conditions at different times of Day and light on the canvas. “My most beautiful masterpiece is my garden”, used to say Monet. The trip there art, are interested not miss. Gardens of this type there are also elsewhere, but with a comparable art-historical importance.

excursions in the package or booked separately?

It is one of the river cruises that the port excursions are offered. Many guests book the excursion package in advance, while others decide on the spot. This can be on those rivers is useful in the case where the ship in the middle or on the edge of cities that are worth seeing invests, which you can explore on your own, such as on the Seine, with the above-mentioned cities of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Rouen, Le Havre, Paris.

Thus, a ten-hour trip to Bayeux, with its nearly thousand-year old tapestry, and the seaside resort of Deauville was on that cruise in the offer. Some of the passengers, this appeared to be tiring, and also the Writing. Instead, he made along the Seine for a ride with one of the MS Amadeus Diamond borrowed bike.

Some of the Flow of crusaders to enjoy it, to sit on Deck and let the scenery pass by, and when Maneuvering in the locks to watch and to admire the oncoming load ships. In “Salut la Seine”, one drives only on the sixth day, during the day a longer distance.

You will be sleeping in hotel rooms, not in cabins

In the case of ships, one speaks generally of the cabins. This is quite an understatement. Even more of an understatement, the term would be Cabin. More appropriate is the concept of the hotel room. It contains everything assets also offer Four – or five-star hotel, the most luxurious variant, even a bathtub. There are no hatches, and French balconies. They consist of a window that extends from the floor to the hallway. This means that the whole Front to the river is made of glass. And it is on the side of the bed, you can admire peacefully the passing landscape.

warning: The French balcony does not apply to all rooms. On the lower deck – in the catalogue it is called the main deck to sleep under the water level. It can’t be opened until to-ceiling Windows.

The eight-day river journey “Salut la Seine” from Rivage river journeys in the year 2020 is re-bookable: from the 3. to 10. Of June, or the 19. until 26 August. On Board the completely refurbished MS Amadeus Diamond, guests enjoy full-Board during river cruises the usual comfort. The departure will take place with a Comfort or Deluxe Bus from Eurobus. The trip costs from 1590 francs. For more information, see rivage-river

Among other things, the castle of Chantilly in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, the countless churches in Rouen, the chalk cliffs in Etretat, the garden of Claude Monet and of course Paris.