An argument between two roommates escalates because one of them does not wear a face mask at home. The roommate’s girlfriend is undergoing chemotherapy, but the friend himself is not wearing a mask.

In a shared apartment (WG) in Germany, there is a dispute about solidarity with a cancer patient. This is reported by a user of the Reddit platform. The 26-year-old, who works in a kindergarten, should wear a mask at home. The trigger is his roommate’s girlfriend, who is undergoing chemotherapy for her cancer.

The user emphasizes that he has worn masks both in public spaces and at work, but feels uncomfortable doing so in his own home. He believes that his own apartment should be a place where he can be comfortable. “But at home it just pisses me off,” he writes. 

“I disinfect the entire bathroom when I was in it and try to avoid her as much as possible to minimize the risk of infection,” he claims. He understands how important it is that he doesn’t infect his roommate’s girlfriend. But he doesn’t want to wear a mask in his own apartment. 

His roommate, the partner of the sick woman, is disappointed in the user because he believes he is acting selfishly. Just like the cancer patient herself, he thinks that way.

The roommate works full-time from home and rarely leaves the house, and wears a mask at these times. The cancer patient’s boyfriend is not supposed to wear one at home. “But on the days when she’s not there and I’m not wearing a mask, I could just as easily infect him,” the 26-year-old wonders.

The Reddit user argues that it is not his responsibility to be considerate of his roommate’s illness. “But she doesn’t actually live here,” writes the Reddit user, who thinks they can go to their friend’s house instead of arguing with him about the mask situation.

The man isn’t coughing on her on purpose, but at the same time he would stay away from her if he got sick, “but then somehow the effort I want to make for her ends,” he writes and asks if he’s in is the “asshole” of the situation.

Reddit users largely agree with his behavior. They also don’t understand why the two of them wouldn’t just drive to their friend’s home if it would provoke an argument. “The accusation of selfishness can be used for both sides,” is a comment that hundreds of people have found positive.

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