It is challenging to get a family to function, when Luke Graham is touring so much abroad, tells forsangerens heavily pregnant girlfriend, Rillo Schwartz, who has made an agreement with the educators of his daughter viola’s nursery that her daughter is always a period of a minimum of six weeks in the same institution.

Three-year-old Viola is, in addition to the institution of Christianshavn associated with a day nursery in Los Angeles, and the little family is thriving with the many journeys, tells the 30-year-old Rillo Schwartz in a great interview with the media to the moon, honey.

“But I have, purely logistical, been ‘semi-single mom’ in the time periods. I have my own routines, when we are just us, and I love that too. But to dissemble to be completely alone on everything – I take so much hats off to single parents,” she says to the media.

When she was pregnant with Viola, was her fiance, the singer Lukas Forchhammer away in seven out of the nine months, but when the few weeks are going to be the parents of another girl, get the new mother lots of people around him.

the Pair is moved in a large house on Christianshavn, along with her parents and friends.

the Couple has not suffered during the long periods away from each other, tells Rillo Schwartz. But the two young parents have also given a kind of ‘dialogue’ along the way, where they evaluate the on the relationship, she reveals with a laugh.

“If we have a conflict we can not solve, we try to do something active to get out of it again. One of us is usually a trip. So we write both down, what has hurt the a, or if there is something you find difficult to understand at the other. I have also learned to say it, I must just think a little bit over, if I don’t feel I have a good enough answer.”

Rillo Schwartz’s due in a few weeks, and the next daughter has already got the name Billie, she reveals in the interview.