Fans suspected American pop singer and entrepreneur Rihanna of pregnancy. The corresponding comments appeared on Twitter.

The 33-year-old celebrity appeared at the inauguration ceremony of the president of Barbados in a long orange satin dress and brown sandals with heels. Fans noticed that the singer has a rounded belly. In this regard, they suggested that Rihanna is expecting her first child from her lover, rapper ASAP Rocky.

“She’s definitely pregnant! She has never had such a belly”, “I am very happy for her”, “I am shocked, congratulations!”, “This baby will be incredibly beautiful”, “I am happy for her. She deserves it if that’s really what she wants. I hope this event will strengthen their family and they will overcome any obstacles in their path,” they wrote.

However, other netizens expressed the opposite opinion. “The media always want to hook readers with news about pregnancy. I think this is another fake”, “I don’t believe it”, “It can’t be true”, “If she got pregnant, it would be better to hide her figure”, “She’s definitely not pregnant”, — users expressed themselves.

At the moment, Rihanna has not commented on what is happening.

In October, a woman created cosmetics for pregnant women’s bellies and became a millionaire in four months. 40-year-old Ruth Carr explained that her pregnant younger sister suffered from skin irritation on her stomach. In this regard, she decided to find a remedy that will help her cope with dryness, itching, scars and stretch marks and created her own care product.

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