Two weeks ago, did It Pirard is 365 miles and at the side of Oliver Naesen. They drove to the border of East Flanders. For the cancelled Tour of Flanders, in honor of the world champion in the Gran Fondo of 2019 at the latest, this weekend, went a step further. Pirard, it will be Saturday and Sunday, the border of the Flemish Region of belgium down. Saturday morning at 3 a.m. he left from his hometown of Sint-Denijs-Boekel (the netherlands) and then from La Houppe, in the clockwise direction to be the Tour of Flanders, to begin with. A total of 1,008 miles, without a break.

“I’ve been a Tuesday, began with the carbs stock. Because it is difficult to predict where I will be, I have no-one asks to see a piece of it. With more than one drive, which is also prohibited by the corona virus. According to my schedule, I hope to be Saturday evening at 18 o’clock, Antwerp < / I> (after 400 m, ed.) to reach, and on Sunday night at the 20 hours back home to come to,“ says Pirard, that if the marathonfietser not be to his advantage to do so. In 2019, did he ever 36 hours, a trip of 1,100 miles to the French of It.