Zurich Zoo has lost another elephant. An elephant calf died there immediately after birth. Now the vets are puzzling over the exact cause of death. There have already been several deaths in the past summer.

Another elephant has died in Zurich Zoo. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the elephant cow Farha gave birth to an elephant bull, who died shortly after birth.

The employees in the elephant park at Zurich Zoo waited hours for the birth of the elephant calf. The amniotic fluid had already passed, but nothing stirred. The veterinary office therefore initiated the birth with a labor-inducing agent. Shortly thereafter, Farha was finally able to give birth to the cub.

But what happened next was not for the faint of heart. Dramatic scenes played out. The elephant calf was far too weak. The elephants Farha and Ceyla-Himali tried as far as possible to revive the young animal lying motionless on the ground. The veterinarians who were present also gave the calf medication to help him jump start – but all attempts were in vain. The sad realization: The elephant calf died shortly after birth.

Now the animal is to be pathologically examined to find out the exact cause of death. Zurich Zoo is currently plagued by deaths in the elephant park. Last July, several elephants died within a few weeks. The reason was a herpes infection. “Currently, nothing suggests a connection with the viral diseases,” says a statement from the Zurich Zoo.