Ricki Leif Hansen had in april have been to Italy. But how to get it not. It set coronavirussen a stop to this.

Therefore, he will have his money refunded by Travellink, where he has purchased his journey. But it sounds easier than it is.

It tells Ricki Leif Hansen:

“First they said that the amount would appear on my account after five to seven working days. But there is nothing happened, and now I spend several hours on be in the queue over the phone, where I get people in the pipe who can not talk English. They are impossible to get in contact with.”

Ricki Leif Hansen adds, that he had to fly with Ryanair. The airline has sent the money to Travellink.

“I know that Travellink has the money, because Ryanair has refunded the trip from Denmark to Italy for me, while Travellink must give me the money for the ride home. Ryanair transferred the money to Travelink 4. march. And since I have been ignored. I politianmelder them no matter what.”

And he is certainly not the only customer who Travellink have stepped over your toes.

Thus, Pernille Nice experienced something similar. She said this on Tuesday at B. T.:

“I must have the money back because I did not come to Rome at easter with my son, but I just led to one dead end after another,” she says and continues:

“I may not get to talk with their customer service, their email does not exist and their chatrobot on Facebook ask only whether I will book a new trip.”

Pernille Soot tells the closing, she found one thing strange at Travellink:

“When you book a journey, talking of the fine English, but when you have to have the money back, they can neither Danish or English. It is a little weird.”

Travellink is owned by the Spanish Opodo USL, which is part of eDreams ODIGEO.

B. T. has on Tuesday been in contact with a spokesperson from the eDreams ODIGEO. The spokesperson has a prayer for the unhappy customers:

“Our customer service get extremely many calls in this time, and we therefore ask for the patience and understanding that things take longer than normal.”

the Spokesperson stresses that Travellink, of course, sorry for the wait, but that they are working around the clock to help as many people as possible.

There is no doubt that the dissatisfaction about Travellink is great from many customers. And it is just in Denmark.

the Frustrations can be shared on Facebook, where there is created a group called ‘Together against Travellink’.

Otherwise, you can take a look at Trustpilot, where the reviews are not good. By far most of the reviews is about Travellink not to come in contact with.

On Facebook you can read that some people run the risk of losing over 40,000 dollars, if Travellink choose not to refund.