In a house in Bodø sitting Rick Kirkham and talking on the phone, while the wind and raindrops whips against the window.

the American is invited to tell his amazing story to the listeners of Nitimen on NRK P1. He uses his wife’s phone, for his own dare he not to turn on.

– Whether I use my own so call and plinger it 24 hours a day. It has been absolutely crazy. I have been contacted by people from New Zealand, Australia, Germany and many other countries, ” says the 61-year-old.

The experienced TV-journalist and the manufacturer has a key role in the documentary series “the Tiger King”, who was referred to as fantastic and insane as it got the mark of five of the NRK Filmpolitiet.

JOE EXOTICS: the Story of the zoo-owner Joseph March-Passage, better known as Joe Exotics, is a scorching success for Netflix.

Photo: Netflix

The true story about the zoo-owner Joseph March-Passage, better known as Joe Exotics, is a scorching success for Netflix. It has also Kirkham have noticed, in the chilly North of Norway.

– I’m probably the only person in the world who is glad to be in hjemmekarantene right now.

Rick Kirkham from the Netflix series the Tiger King.

PHOTO: Andreas Nilsen Trygstad/NRK Review: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness – a wonderful and wacky journey of a true crime series. Tigers, hockeysveiser and weapons

Kirkham had already lived a wild and dissolute life as a journalist and TV celebrity in the united STATES. He has been threatened with the weapons of the mafia, kidnapped and have used drugs together with Hollywood celebrities.

After a few downs he took in the 2014 job as a TV producer for the Joe Exotics. A våpenelskende cowboy with mullets and a penchant for dangerous animals.

the Goal was to create a realityserie about dyreparkeieren, among other things, had acquired a collection of 180 big cats.

my Friends called and said that a guy sought after producer for his little internettshow, a crazy guy with a tiger. I visited him, and knew immediately that I had a concept to a reality show.

Rick Kirkham speaks out about his experience with producing Joe Exotics TV program. Here he is in the scene from the Netflix series the Tiger King, where he is being interviewed on It on Majorstua in Oslo.

Photo: Netflix

Kirkham was stuck in the zoo the next year. The craziest year he has experienced, with a principal apparently obsessed with power and fame, where drugs and guns blazing was hverdagskost.

– This guy was so crazy, that I thought I could earn a million dollars making a tv show about him. He had weapons that he fired while I talked with him, with many people around.

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Kirkham was a witness to in the zoo this year, fits well with the subtitle the series has been “Murder, mayhem and madness”. In the series is old enough to be baptized one of the characters recount what happened in the park.

American TV star skulderoperert in Norway: – I cried when the doctor told her what it cost me, the Conflict between Joe Exotics and Carol Baskin

A central element in the series is the conflict between Joe Exotics and his long-standing nemesis, dyrerettighetsforkjemperen Carol Baskin. Exotics zones today 22 years in prison, convicted of having hired assassins to take the life of Baskin.

Through the year I thought that people are not going to believe this. Crazy Joe who shot the dogs, shot at me three times just for fun and to scare me. Tigers came out of the cage while the tourists were on their way through the park, while everyone panicked. The series shows very well what I woke up to every morning.

Everything was not as planned for Kirkham, who had hoped the recordings and the TV series were to ensure the economy is his for the future. A night in 2015 took the TV studio guy.

– Everything was lost. Not only his equipment, but my TV equipment and all the recordings also. The fire is still a mystery to this day. The most you see in the TV documentary comes from the things that we also filmed over a year’s time, it would be a TV show.

the Fire has never been cleared up, but Kirkham and the FBI have accused Joe Exotics to be left behind. Dyreparkeieren have given Kirkham blame for the fire. Also Carol Baskin.

– Believe me, I went on my knees and cried when I saw the studio burn. I had backed up everything on the hard drives that were in a safe, but the safe is melted because of the heat from the fire.

Norwegian Kjartan sings “childhood memory from Nordland” in Netflix’ new blockbuster movie Found love in Norway

Among those who have seen the documentary series “Tiger King” in Norway, many have gone as the place where the Kirkham being interviewed. The brown pub “Valka” in Oslo. That recording was made in Norway is not completely random.

– Kristin and I had been friends for about ten years on the net, after the movie about my life “TV-junkie” came out on HBO in 2006. She had sent an e-mail to me, and we kept in touch. Finally, we ended up to fall in love with us.

Kirkham left the namely the zoo after the fire, while he considered what he should do next with his life. Meanwhile, nursed his contact on the internet with the woman he had been in contact with Bodø.

– After the fire I waited for six months, so I said to Kristin: “Hello dear, I will come and marry me with you now”. The rest is history, ” says Kirkham.

Love Norway

today is Rick Kirkham as a freelance journalist in Norway. He says he doesn’t miss home, but on the contrary have pressed Norway and Bodø to her breast.

I wonder how you manage to eat lutefisk. It is disgusting. But I love a delicious steak, and the food here is wonderful. The people here are not mad after money. It is a completely different way of life. In the united STATES living people to earn money, so they can get themselves up and forward. Here live people life, while concerns about the money going in the other array.

And the Netflix series about the wild life in Joe Exotics park, he has finally seen, after first having been warned by the wife.

I waited for four days. My wife saw the whole series in one evening. Then she said, “Rick, you should see the a little bit careful”.