April 1 best day to get a good joke on a coronavirus. Of course, you expect that we will publish a new video Slepakova, but we will not do this – you easily naguglit. But will share with you a fun, inspiring, lyrical and uniquely positive charging songs and musicians around the world inspired coronavirus.

Ivan Urgant and Alexander Gudkov, “a Song about isolation,”

New musical hit Alexander Gudkov and Ivan Urgant loaded positive for more than three million people. Their call to “Sit at home, baby!” responded celebrities and stars Instagram that demonstrated what you can do in isolation. Here Philip is dancing with the kids, Irina Shayk washes the floors, Timothy, and a Tree to play sports, and Fedor Smolov washing the Windows. A great motivator turned out. Well, the main bonus of listening to a song at least once, the word “isolation” you will now not say, but only to propagate to the tune of the song Be my lover La Bouche.

Khac Hung, Min, Erik and the Vietnamese Institute of labor hygiene and the environment, “Crown”

This fiery video appeared on the Network one of the first and has attracted more than 27 million views. And we are only left to envy the Vietnamese, who have such creative Institute of occupational health and the environment. To get people to wash hands and not to come without much need from home, they invited well-known musicians who very ably coped with the task. After a musical instruction you’re going to wash their hands with soap three times in a row.

Oleg Gazmanov, “a Song about the evil coronavirus” to See this post in Instagram

Publish from Gazmanov Oleg (@oleggazmanov) 28 Mar 2020 at 4:46 PDT

His contribution to the good the fight against the pandemic decided to make and Oleg Gazmanov. At the request of fans and colleagues he wrote a new song about the evil coronavirus, which not only wished us all good health, so also very cleverly hinted at how not to put your life on the negative. And got those who mindlessly “yelling” in the comments, and believes that we will save the garlic and boiling water.

“I don’t listen to such – sit better at home,

what had not had

Writing will doocing” – sings Oleg Gazmanov and encourages all to follow his example.

OneRepublic, “Better days” to See this post in Instagram

Publish from R Y A N T E D D E R (@ryantedder) 24 Mar 2020 11:07 PDT

American rock band OneRepublic have released the track “Better days”, which the band recorded during the quarantine. Lyrical composition with very precise words so pleased the audience that the Internet in a matter of days filled with all sorts of videos for this soundtrack.

“a few days before the who announced the pandemic coronavirus in the world, some of us, unknowingly, faced with native COVID-19 at the end of our tour. After that we were quarantined, which was held in my Studio and recorded this song. In it, we sing about real events that are happening in the world right now,” told the story of the song in his Instagram frontman Ryan tedder.

the song will be included in the album Human, which is planned for may. A portion of the proceeds, the musicians will donate to the charitable Foundation MusiCares Covid-19.

Potapov, “Quarantine”

a Popular rapper Potap is not limited to homevideo, and got a real lyric video for the song “Quarantine”. However, I tried to follow all the rules of isolation – he sings alone in an empty concert hall.

Potap dreams of the time when the quarantine will end with a favorite and he will fly for a weekend in Rome and everyone will be able to shake hands with each other at the bar.

“this film, a terrible film,

But we’re at the end you will survive.

Just keep your hands clean…” – sings Potap.

He is sure that the world tests us to see and measure level of the human in us. It only depends on us if we pass this test. But in the end all must be well, just keep your hands clean!

Dmitry Nazarov, “farewell to football” to See this post in Instagram

Publish from Dmitry Nazarov (@dmitry_nazarov_official) Mar 14, 2020 9:08 PDT

people’s artist of Russia and an ardent football fan Dmitry Nazarov recorded the song, which he dedicated to our favorite game and coronavirus.

Which online museums worth visiting quarantined

…The world stands in silence,

Quarantine all have to comply.

goodbye football, goodbye,

it is Very difficult in space suits to play…

His poems, the artist has put on the famous music by Alexandra Pakhmutova, “goodbye, Moscow”. And we need to hope that the breakup with football will be short-lived.

Timur Rodrigez “I want you to quarantine” to See this post in Instagram

Publish from Timur Rodrigez (@trodriguezzz) 25 Mar 2020 at 8:01 am PDT

what can sing showman Timur Rodriguez, of course, about love. When the spring and the two were locked in the same apartment, the fire of their feelings burn everything in its path. So take a look around and appreciate those who have you rallied the coronavirus. Believe me, it is easier and more fun to escape from the routine, when the quarantine is already the tenth day, remade everything and even “War and peace” for the first time read from cover to cover, including the battle scenes.