Lionel Souque, CEO of the Rewe Group, continues to expect partially empty supermarket shelves at Rewe. In an interview with the “Kölner Stadtanzeiger” he commented on the current challenges such as inflation, problems with logistics and the price increases for food.

The struggle between manufacturers and trade for a reasonable price also means that products are not available to the end consumer. “At the moment there are many free riders who are trying to increase prices well beyond their actual additional costs,” Souque told the Kölner Stadtanzeiger. However, the price disputes also affect other retailers such as Edeka or Kaufland, who then repeatedly list goods from certain manufacturers.

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When customers stand in front of empty shelves in Rewe supermarkets, there can be various reasons. “Sometimes the logistics are a problem, sometimes there is a lack of raw materials for production. As a result, the full quantity cannot be delivered,” says Lionel Souque.

Souque also complains that the delivery rate has generally deteriorated massively. As a result, Rewe “currently receives up to 20 percent less goods” than was ordered.

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