Review of the law of contracti made in the Federation Council

The application of the law on counter-sanctions from 2018 will be reviewed by the ad hoc working group, which was created by the Council of the Federation. Parliamentarians want to understand how a document affects the work in the spread of the coronavirus.

This was stated by Senator Konstantin Kosachev, according to “Kommersant”.

without questioning its effectiveness and efficiency, we would like to see how it works in the new environment from the point of view of the interests of Russian business, experiencing additional and previously non-existent load, — said the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs.

Earlier reported that representatives of Russia’s permanent mission at the UN said that the position of Ukraine, which was blocked in the General Assembly of the organization draft resolution for combating coronavirus is blasphemy. Russian diplomats believe that the document about the weakening of the sanctions regime during the period of the pandemic was not to the liking of the Ukrainian colleagues.