Scientists have found that giant elliptical galaxies are less suitable for the emergence of developed technological civilizations, than spiral galaxies like the milky Way. The scientific results that reveal the conditions of occurrence of extraterrestrial intelligence, published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The researchers ‘ findings contradict the article published in 2015, according to which the likelihood of a technologically advanced civilization arise in large elliptical galaxies in 10 thousand times more often than their counterparts in the milky Way. This is due to the large number of stars and the rarity of such a potentially deadly, catastrophic event like a supernova.

However, the fact that mankind does not live in elliptical galaxies, contrary to the principle of mediocrity, according to which in the absence of evidence to the contrary, the properties of some object should be regarded as typical of its class. According to the authors of a new study of elliptical galaxies may not be suitable for the development of life because of deadly radiation that they emitted in the past, when were quasars.

The radiation was so strong that it is sterilized of any potentially habitable planet in the galaxy, and also affected the rate of star formation, i.e. the formation of new stars and planets almost completely stopped.