Rock musician Igor Talkov died because of incorrect behavior of protection during the conflict in the dressing room and attempts to push the killer out of the room. Unknown details of death revealed producer Alexander Tolmatsky published on YouTube the documentary “” for the Russian pop music of the 1990s.

“talc himself to blame for his death. This behavior was with him at the moment when Igor (Malakhov, the security guard of the singer Aziza — approx. “Of the”) came to him in the dressing room, it was necessary not to push, and how to talk. And security is improperly behaved. Generally, in the death of Talkova blame his protection”, — said the producer.

Tolmatskogo called the incident an accident. “This is a random story, a random shot. This is a stupid episode. The conflict was in the background of the fact that Malakhov came to speak with Talc that Aziz came out [on stage to close the concert]. Could not send it, and how to talk to a man on the other. You should be able to talk,” he said.

Igor Talkov was killed on 6 October 1991 in Saint-Petersburg in sports Palace “Jubilee”. He was shot before going on stage near the dressing room. In November 2018 the former employee of Moscow criminal investigation Department Sergey Lomov confirmed that the gun that killed Talkova illegally belonged to the bodyguard of singer Aziza Igor Malakhov. Eventually condemned for illegal acquisition and carrying of firearms. Lomov added that talc was involved in fight with Malakhov.

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