Revealed details of the car crash

Zavorotnyuk became better, and the doctors continued treatment.

The last time Anastasia Zavorotniuk there were significant improvements. Writes to the telegram channel Mash, the actress got better and got stronger. Appeared the possibility of continuing the chemotherapy course – a previously because of severe General condition of the actress that was impossible to do.

Husband grandmother told about her condition

Anastasia again carry on a consultation to neurosurgeons and “chemistry” – all this is done in another clinic. And where popular favorite is now placed, with her constantly is her husband Peter Chernyshev. He just lives in the clinic to best assist and support the wife.

As previously wrote “the Rambler” in Instagram actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, a new record. In the post Anastasia happy birthday skater, the partner of her husband, Pyotr Chernyshev on the ice show Tatiana Navka.