Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wrote film history in the 80s with the film “Top Gun”. Now the two can be seen together again in the sequel. For director Joseph Kosinski, their time together on the set was the highlight of the shoot.

In 1986, the film “Top Gun” was not only an absolute box office hit, the film became a cult hit that lasted for generations. 35 years later, director Joseph Kosinski ventured into a sequel about fighter pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell – played by Tom Cruise. Also there was actor Val Kilmer, who was already playing Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazanski Maverick’s archrival. So “Top Gun: Maverick” contains everything that good entertainment cinema has to offer – from complex action sequences to the most innovative cinematic art. In addition to adrenaline and thrills, it was a completely different moment that made for an “emotional” moment during the shooting, as the director now reveals in the podcast “Behind the Screen” from “”.

In the podcast, Kosinski described how he experienced the meeting of the two Hollywood stars. For him, the absolute highlight of the entire film shoot was “to see the respect they had for each other as actors and to see a friendship that has developed over 36 years – it was really a reflection of what you see on screen in the film.” scene sees.”

The cinematic encounter in which Iceman brings Maverick into his office and explains why he’s bringing him back to Top Gun is the real heart of the film for Kosinski. “They’re just two actors of the highest caliber doing this really beautiful scene for the film that’s so important. It was a very emotional day on set,” the filmmaker recalled.

But also for another reason, the scene goes to the heart. Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer a few years ago, a widely publicized 2021 documentary revealed. After a tracheostomy in 2014, his voice never recovered. So that Kilmer’s voice can still be heard in the film, a little help was added. “Val and Tom acted out the scene, and then we enhanced Val’s voice by mixing it with another voice,” Kosinski explained. The reunion of the two screen heroes has meanwhile hit like a bomb. At the box office, “Top Gun: Maverick” is already approaching a worldwide box office of around 650 million dollars (equivalent to around 618 million euros) in its third week. The film is already on course to become one of the most successful cinema blockbusters in 2022.

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