Scientists confirm the rejuvenating and nourishing effect of retinol. We present the test winner and other favorites in the “Retinol Serum” category and tell you what makes the serum so special.

Vitamin A or retinol, which is considered extremely effective by many dermatologists, acts in the uppermost layers of the skin and is said to make the skin appear smoother and more even there, as it fades pigment spots, smoothes wrinkles and can reduce large pores. However, not all retinol is a miracle cure for wrinkles and blemishes. Some brands don’t live up to their promises, adding milder derivatives to retinol or omitting the active ingredient altogether.

Based on the test results of our cooperation partner AllesBeste, we are therefore introducing you to the test winner among the retinol serums and other favorites and tell you how you should use the rejuvenating serum and what you should definitely pay attention to.

At the top of the podium is the retinol serum from the Colibri skincare brand. In the test at AllesBeste, it was particularly convincing due to the additional active ingredients that make the retinol more tolerable for the skin. In addition, the application of the serum is suitable for the skin of both beginners and advanced users. However, the price of 29.00 euros is significantly higher than that of comparable competitors, such as The Ordinary and Daytox.

Retinol is significantly more aggressive than some other conventional serums and should therefore only be applied if the following points are observed.