Kevin Magnussen stays where he is. In the tv-related sense.

For the Formula 1 will also be on TV3 Sports channels in the coming years.

Chronically has thus extended the rights to the 2024 season, and in the period to send the tv giant Formula 1 for viewers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. On tv and streaming.

“this is The first time the Formula 1 will be shown on the same platform in all the nordic countries. Chronically stresses with this extension yet again our position as the region’s leading streaming company,” says Anders Jensen, ceo of Chronically Group, in a press release.

the Company is sitting heavily on major sporting events, not just in Denmark but throughout Scandinavia.

recently, Chronically in the same way secured more sports rights for all the nordic countries. It concerns among other things the Premier League, the football League and the ice hockey WORLD championship.

good tv-wise, one looks forward to more years with Formula 1, which eventually became a part year has been posted on the TV3 Sports channels.

“With a long five-year horizon, I am confident that we can develop the coverage even more for the benefit and enjoyment of all motorsports-interested danes,” says Nents team he will play, Kim Mikkelsen.

With the Formula 1-the rights follow the rights to transmit Formula 2 with Christian Lundgaard and Formula 3 with Frederik Vesti.