Retailers announced the increase in food prices up to 50%

“At the end of March – beginning of April, the sharp depreciation of the national currency began to have a significant impact on the cost of food producers”, – stated in the message.

Suppliers of most products has already notified the trade network of the price increase. On average, the price tags will grow by 5-15%, but some suppliers have announced plans to increase selling prices by 20%, 30% and 50%. This will inevitably lead to a gradual rise in prices in shops upon receipt of the products at the new prices.

it is Noted that measures taken by the authorities action to combat the epidemic of coronavirus lead to stop of work of the enterprises in many industries, and has a small and medium business. This adversely affects the solvency of the population. Despite this, retailers are trying to minimize their own markup on the goods to maintain the purchasing power of citizens.

“At present, the increase in retail prices for a number of socially important goods on the shelf is far behind the dynamics of increase in procurement prices,” said the HSE.

on Tuesday, April 7, in the “Rusprodsoyuz” stated that the largest grocery retailers plan to revise the purchase price of certain goods because of a change in the exchange rate and limitations in pandemic coronavirus. The head of “Rusprodsoyuz” Dmitry Vostrikov appreciated upcoming growth of 5-20%. According to him, the manufacturers offer a NetWorker to smooth out the price jump, breaking the price increase into two phases.

Before it became known that the Prime Minister-the Minister of Russia Michael Mishustin has supported the idea of the “United Russia” on the freezing of prices for products.

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