the Average retail price of gasoline for the period from 20 to 27 July rose 6 cents to 45,60 rubles per liter, and diesel by 2 pennies – to of 48.03 cents per liter, respectively. This is evidenced by recent data of Rosstat.

the Average price of gasoline the most popular Russian AI-92 rose by 4 cents – up to 43.06 cents per liter. The cost of gasoline AI-95 increased by 8 kopeks to 46.77 rubles per liter, and the brand AI-98 is added to the price 6 cents – 52,69 rubles per liter.

the Decline in average prices for petrol was registered in 7 centres of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Most of all, he fell in Simferopol – 0.4%. Gasoline rose in 40 centres of subjects of the Russian Federation. Mostly Magadan – 1.6%.

on average since the end of last year, gasoline AI-92 has risen in price on 1,9% (growth per week of 0.1%), gasoline AI-95 rose in price by 2.1% (an increase over the week by 0.2%), and gasoline AI-98 – 1.4% (growth per week of 0.1%). Diesel fuel has risen in price on 0,5%.

compared to the previous week, gasoline production decreased by 0.8%, production of diesel fuel increased by 4.4%. Compared to the same period last year, production grew by 2.3% and 1.2%, respectively.

the Greatest rate of increase in retail prices at gas stations were recorded in June and early July, when there was a sharp increase in the cost of motor fuel on the exchange. Since the beginning of June this year, the increase in average retail gasoline prices made up for AI-92 – 1,5%, AI-95 – 2%, AI-98 – 1.2%, cost of diesel fuel increased by 0.7%.