From June 19 to resume vaccination points where it is possible to vaccinate pet against rabies. Also, extra points for vaccination will have areas for dog walking – the decision was accepted by results of poll of Muscovites on the portal “Active citizen”.

Everyone is welcome to bring your pet for a mandatory vaccination against rabies. A complete list of vaccination points and regime of their work can be found on the page of the veterinary Committee of Moscow city portal in the section “Schedule of vaccination points”.

Free to vaccinate your pet, it is also possible in the inpatient units of the state veterinary service, located in all administrative districts of the city. Veterinary institutions are working in normal mode. The vet pet owners can use the “Record to the veterinarian” on the portal or similar service in a mobile application “public Services of Moscow”.

Owners should remember that preventive immunization against rabies shall be allowed only clinically healthy animals. If the pet is weak, sick viral-bacterial, or parasitic diseases is in the stage of convalescence, the vaccination needs to be postponed. 10 days before vaccination animal is necessary to give de-worming medicines. Pets are contained exclusively in-house (without walking) are also subject to mandatory vaccination.

Rabies is a particularly dangerous disease of all species of mammals, characterized by lesions of the nervous system and leads to death.

The source of disease is sick animals secreting virus in the saliva. In nature, the major vectors of the disease are predatory animals such as foxes, raccoon dogs, ferrets, hedgehogs. Infection in domestic animals and humans occurs by the bite or contact with saliva of an infected animal into the wounds.

The veterinary Committee of Moscow city reminds pet owners that as the only form of rabies prevention is timely vaccination of Pets.

Obtain immediate veterinary assistance and advice on the prevention of rabies can round the clock by phone: 8(495)612-04-25.