South Korea reports another ballistic missile launch from North Korea over Japanese waters. This is the latest in a series of North Korean weapons tests in recent days.

According to the South Korean General Staff, the North Korean missile was launched early Sunday (local time). The Japanese authorities did not provide any further information on how far the bullet flew, according to the Yonhap news agency, citing the South Korean military.

The launch of North Korea’s sixth weapons test in two weeks came hours after the United States and South Korea completed a fresh round of naval maneuvers off the east coast of the Korean peninsula. A US aircraft carrier was also involved in the exercises.

The North Korean military warned on Saturday that moving the US aircraft carrier near the Korean peninsula would have a “significant negative impact” on regional security. Last Tuesday, the country also had a medium-range missile fly over the Japanese archipelago for the first time in five years. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles of any range, which, depending on the design, can also carry a nuclear warhead.