No soccer, and more, in the first national. What is the state of the clubs in the Jupiler Pro League is against this decision?

Mehdi Bayat, “Even for the next season’s play-offs, the cup final, instead of the Particular”:

“I am delighted that we are clear,” said Mehdi Bayat, managing director of brussels south Charleroi airport. “As a virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst said that the 15 may not work to continue, we need to be realistic. There are four weeks of training and then we will be able to on the 15th of June again. And that’s for a single game, and that’s not good.”

Mehdi Bayat, it is clear in the following season. “It’s competitieformat will be maintained, and that it is clear and straightforward decide. Thus, sixteen of the teams in 1A play-offs. There were also some of the smaller clubs will agree to this. They said that they only have the league wanted it to stop. About the format, they don’t know. It is up to the group, which now should be how it is taken care of.”

Charleroi is the third ended as if the cup final is not being played, the Carolo’s right to direct the ticket to the group stage of the Europa League.

“you know, I wish that the cup final is played,” he said firmly. “If it’s not in may or June, the week prior to the start of the competition. Then, usually, the super cup will be played. Why do you think that now that the cup final can be. I might fix it if they don’t, may, or June, it can still be played.”

Photos: BELGA < / P> STVV chairman and David Meekers, is pleased with the decision:

“I’m the one who have a writing drawn up for the withdrawal of the competition is to encourage. So, of course, I am very pleased that this request was, according to Meekers. “At present there is only one correct way of thinking, and that is the health of the arts. We were in the past few weeks, exactly, into a virtual reality that has become reality. All of the people – our players – to be able to concentrate on what they need to do in order to stay healthy and to keep their fellow human beings as well. We will have it on Tuesday, then decided that, for our non-nationals in the core, go home, if they wish to do so.”

On the establishment of a working group that will decide about relegation, and so on, it is Meekers, is clear: “Let the designated people that make the decision. I have the utmost confidence in them. Everyone else will have to say about it, but that doesn’t matter. The decision is being taken, it will be good, full stop.”

Photos: Dick Demey

Sporting de Charleroi “and Clearly, and be done with the current situation”

“the decision by The Pro League that brings clarity and makes sure that it will come to an end with the onslaught of the world. Now We have to wait for the outcome of the working group, composed of representatives of the 24 parties to the exact terms and conditions of this statement and agreed to the vote,” said press secretary Pierre-Yves Hendrickx.

“Our point of view it was, from the very beginning of the discussion clear: to give priority to the health of all people, respect for the rules and regulations for the state and that resume, it would be in the form that is today in force, in the play-offs, so to say. In this logic, it would be normal to have the cup final to go ahead, for the Club Brugge and royal Antwerp have earned it, and enforce it on the field. The same is true for the promotiefinale in 1B.”

“as to whether or not the restart of the league, and it will, therefore, depend on the government. Therefore, it is difficult to say, but here, too, the sooner the better. As such, the quarantine is over, we want to see our fans again as soon as possible. Our staff will take into account all the different scenarios. For all of the other aspects and other questions, we’d like to invite you to come to our channel to keep an eye on it and be a little patient.”

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