stopping production, short-time working and plant closures – due to the Corona-crisis, the auto industry is currently in Germany and around the world facing major challenges. But to freeze instead of in a crisis mode, coming from the industry giants, a number of pulses of the Corona-crisis.

the two U.S. auto giants GM and Ford need to ensure at the behest of President Donald Trump within 100 days, the production of 100,000 for Corona-patients often live major ventilation devices. Ford has announced to produce in cooperation with General Electric in the next 100 days, 50,000 of respiratory devices for the ventilation of Corona patients. In the components plant Rawson Mille/Michigan from 20 to therefore. April, the Airon Model A-E from General Electric from the Band’s run. Already by the beginning of July to reach the production number of 50,000 fans. Now you want to be able to 30,000 respiration apparatus per month.

Wwenige days before the competitors General Motors has announced that it is in the mass production of respiratory equipment to enter. GM wants to allow this in cooperation with Ventec Life Systems in the plant in Kokomo in the U.S. state of Indiana starting. Here, too, the goal of 50,000 mechanical ventilators has been spent in 100 days.

car manufacturers in Germany have also already taken measures to counter the shortages in medical care. Among other things, VW provides Employees with medical qualification for 15 days at full pay, if they want to participate voluntarily in health care. In addition, the Wolfsburg have brought to their own statements, medical Equipment, worth 40 million euros, among other things, respiratory protection masks, from China to Germany to make it to the Doctors and hospitals available.

The Daimler group has announced that with the help of 3D printers, individual components can be fabricated, which are required for the production of medical Equipment. Audi will also provide 600,000 euros and 15,000 breathing masks to hospitals and the civil protection at the production sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm available.

Also, some of the suppliers to the car industry to show commitment in the fight against Corona. So Bosch has developed a Corona test. This is a molekularidagnostischen quick test on the Basis of the analysis device Vivalytic of the Bosch Department of Healthcare Solutions. A smear of the test person is introduced into the analysis to provide within a period of two and a half hours, a result. The April device should be able to support people without a medical qualification. Within 24 hours 10 Tests you can perform.

suppliers, Mahle also supplies a in air conditioning systems employed filter media of the Swiss underwear manufacturer Triumph, who manufactures it, already breathing masks. To be delivered to regulatory Bodies. It is planned to have a production capacity of 1.5 million masks per month.

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