The 5G-opponents mobile. On Friday, the civic Association Stop 5G organized in Bern in a national rally against the new mobile radio technology.

the Association is a loose and quite colorful amalgamation of skeptics from all over the country, among other things, a bio-physicist, several engineers, and people who describe themselves as “electro Hyper sensitive” parts, including. Also SP-Nationalrat Thomas Hardegger (63) is on Board. But politically independent, emphasises the Association. At a media conference she has presented this Morning and the demands it presents.

5G Moratorium

requires that The main claim of the skeptic: a national 5G Moratorium. It is intended to apply until it is a scientific fact that the technology is dangerous. In addition, the radiation protection limits should not be raised, as required by the cellular provider. The Federal government is currently considering an adjustment.

“We are not against technology, but for a reasonable use,” clarified the representative of the civic Association today. They understand this quite well waiver. Especially a lot of data to swallow the Stream, noted electrical engineer Olivier bodenmann. “But video is to look at the cell phone really necessary?”, he asked. He doesn’t believe it. Finally, you could download the Videos at home, and watch it later on the go.

5G is a “gigantic Experiment”

The opponents are convinced that the mobile phone radiation is dangerous to the health. She was, for example, cancer-causing, or could lead to sleep problems. Possible long time you don’t know follow also simply. With the introduction of 5G it was, therefore, a “gigantic Experiment on human beings, animals and plants”.

The Federal Council, however, maintains in a report in 2015 that is currently only a single harmful effect of mobile phone radiation is proven without doubt – namely, that it heats up the body tissue. At the same time he admits, however, that there is a lack of “meaningful long-term studies”. That you could prove so far, no health risks, does not mean, therefore, that there is no.

The citizens ‘ Association in 5G is also much more than just health risks. In a Flyer alerts you to a total surveillance society, and of an environmental disaster. The arguments illustrate how very different corners of the 5G-opponent.

The resistance is growing

Switzerland is one of the first countries in the 5G. Since a few weeks, Swisscom and Sunrise offer a 5G network, but only in selected municipalities. A large-scale Expansion is envisaged by the end of the year.

The mobile operators are faced with a growing resistance from the population. In many municipalities the citizens are opposed to the construction of new cellular antennas for the introduction of the much faster mobile communications standards. In Geneva and Vaud, the respective parliaments have also called for already at the cantonal level, there is a Moratorium. In other cantons, in the German part of Switzerland, are initiatives on the topic pending.