Total chaos in the Italian Adriatic seaside resort of Lignano Sabbiadoro: More than 70 people fight a mass brawl on the beach promenade at night. Bottles and broken glass fly.

In the Adriatic seaside resort of Lignano, there was a mass brawl on Sunday night, involving 70 people. As the Italian newspaper “Giornale d’Italia” reports, people attacked each other with bottles and broken glass.

When the police arrived, most of the crowd had already fled. According to the report, the police patrols found a seriously injured person on site. The approximately 20-year-old boy suffered a severe blow to the head and had to be taken to the hospital in Udine by helicopter.

The mass brawl is an unusual occurrence in the relatively quiet seaside resort. The reasons for the argument are still unclear. The carabinieri are currently viewing the images from the surveillance cameras of the streets and properties adjacent to the accident site.

Local people are appalled. “It’s the first time something of this magnitude has happened in our community,” City Councilor Massimo Brini was quoted as saying. A meeting with the police had been planned for some time to improve security measures. “More cameras need to be installed to try and better control this awkward dynamic.”

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