the Residents of North Ossetia are in the power of cognitive dissonance. They go to rallies, saying that coronavirus does not exist and it came up with the Republic’s authorities, the harness the cell tower, for fear of kovid-impact of fifth generation networks (5G). So the newly arrived inhabitants of the village of Nogir, destroying the “threat antenna”. This was announced by the head of the region Vyacheslav Bitarov. According to him, such theories in the region are quite popular. As a result, the villagers were left without a connection.

According to Bitarova, conspiracy theories, long popular in the West, he presented the participants of the rally in Vladikavkaz on 20 April. Then he with them did not argue, but, “unfortunately, they go further,” and recently burn the antenna MTS near the village of Nogir.

In particular, residents of the Republic claim that coronavirus does not exist and he invented to distribute 5G network with the purpose of irradiation and chipping. “They think it’s organized by some global forces that are interested in that people to drive, I am told, some participants of meeting, on the reservation, home to put the antenna then 5G to zero, so they lost consciousness, then will be chipped,” said the head of the region.

a Resident of Nogir David told us that he had heard about the burning towers, but the communication problem didn’t notice. According to him, despite the isolation, life in the village has not changed much. “In stores there are people, someone is walking on the streets,” he said. At the same time, he found it difficult to answer as in Nogir the popular theory of “global conspiracy”. There are those who do not believe in the coronavirus, but others try not to leave the house. “Personally, I have a definite opinion about this no. In General, any serious changes I can’t see. Here as usual,” he said.

Bitarov did not specify when exactly the incident occurred. But on April 20 the head of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania for information technologies and communications Alan Salbiev published a photo of the destroyed stations. He asked me to stop this madness. “Base stations of mobile operators and couplings of optical communication lines does not emit radiation and coronavirus. They give your home high speed Internet, services, Smart home, communication and digital television…,” wrote Salbiev on his page on Facebook.

In Russia, an absurd theory about the chipping of the population was already expressed by Director Nikita Mikhalkov. This opinion also holds an opposition activist Vadim Cheldiev. It was his investigators in North Ossetia consider as the organizer of meetings in Vladikavkaz. Previously he has been prosecuted on the proliferation of fakes on the coronavirus and assaulting a police officer.

In North Ossetia registerofany 1069 infections. In hospitals treated 35 patients, and the rest are outpatients. Bitarov said that the participants of the rally in Vladikavkaz, had a tour of the hospital with infected with the coronavirus. And then they changed their minds.

the Situation “MK” commented the head of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania for information technologies and communications Alan Salbiev:

– on the night of 20 April 2020 unknown was an arson attack on a base station of one of the mobile operators in the village of Nogir in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia – Alania.

left without a connection, callers were subsequently redeployed to other stations, but the destruction of base stations led to failures in work of communication and deterioration in the quality of service of Internet access. Law enforcement was notified about the incident, currently under investigation.

From the conclusion of the fire laboratory should: the destruction of the object has occurred due to introduced from the outside source of combustion of combustible materials and flammable liquids.

carried out explanatory work with the population that destroyed the base station has nothing to do with “5G, emitting radiation and coronavirus with subsequent chipping”. Also tested the fire-prevention condition of objects of communication, but, unfortunately, it does not protect against arson.

Before this incident, unknown attempted damage of the coupling of fiber-optical communication lines on crossing of streets Barbashova – Kyrdzhaliyskaya in Vladikavkaz, but the repair crew immediately repaired the damage.

against the background of artificially injected in the social media hysteria about the “deadly 5G” national information technology and communications carries out systematic educational work with the public through numerous publications in mass media, social networks, television and radio broadcasts on the safety of life and health of the communications facilities installed in accordance with the requirements of the law and the sanitary code. It should also be noted that on the territory of North Ossetia communication generation 5G no.”