The advantages of living in remote areas from the center were called “Moslente” by residents of New Moscow.

“There are a lot of fields and forests around, there is a place to breathe fresh air and go for mushrooms. The nearest urban—type settlement is two kilometers from my village, you can literally walk to go to the store, beauty salon or park,” said Evgenia from the Krasnopakhorskoye settlement. She clarified that there is a quiet life in New Moscow, there is no city fuss, but there is an opportunity to get out into nature on foot, go to a pond on a hot summer day, stay in silence, while not losing urban opportunities.

According to Konstantin from the settlement of Filimonkovskoye, in the new areas there is a complete feeling of living in the country: fresh air, forest nearby, several ponds and streams, horses in the fields. The Muscovite called his village a green oasis in a 15-minute drive from the city, where you can relax and enjoy nature after a working day.

“I like that life here is measured and calm, there are no negative thoughts and at least no bad situations have happened to me,” Ksenia, a resident of the Moskovsky settlement, told Moslente.

Earlier, the pros and cons of living in New Moscow were named. Architectural historian Alexander Zmeul, speaking about the advantages of TiNAO, noted that new districts in this part of the capital were designed from scratch, which allowed avoiding urban planning mistakes.