According to a new study, there is no evidence that mundbind have an effect for people who are not infected with the coronavirus.

A group of researchers from The University of Hong Kong on Saturday presented the results of a study on the effect of mundbind against coronaviruses.

It appears by the survey’s release, which has been published in Nature Medicine.

the Researchers believe they have found evidence that mundbind can reduce the number of bacteria, a corona-infected person can pass on to its surroundings.

the Researchers have examined droplets from breathing and coughing, among 3.363 respondents in the study.

It is not, however, necessarily mean that mundbind protecting a non-infected in to get coronaviruses, believe the researchers.

The same think the Danish health authorities.

Over the Jyllands-Posten explained Statens Serum Institut on Saturday, that there is no scientific evidence that mundbind prevents a person from being infected. Therefore, you will not recommend mundbind to ordinary citizens who are not infected.

In each case recommend to the authorities, however, that you still use mundbind:

“you can, because you need to be to the doctor, we recommend that the person gets a mundbind/mask on,” said Brian Kristensen, head of the Central Unit for infection control at the Statens Serum Institute, to the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

of course, There is the uncertainty of the coronavirus, a disease of many first shows symptoms after up to 14 days from when you become infected.

Thus, there is a long period of time, where one does not feel sick but can still infect others.

In the situation should be according to the recommendations wearing a mask, but it is the affected just don’t realize without symptoms.

the Risk of infection of others when you do not have symptoms, however, are markedly smaller, because there is neither cough, fever, or similar.

the world health Organization (WHO) has not recommended mundbind as an effective way to protect against coronavirus.

even if several european countries, such as Austria, the Czech republic and Slovakia, have introduced an injunction on the use mundbind.