To achieve success while jogging, you simply have to run faster? No way – a study shows that even very slow running is efficient. Here you can read how you can improve your fitness level with slow jogging.

Especially for people who are starting out with jogging, it is not advisable to start running at a high pace straight away. Running slowly and consciously – that is the motto of “slow jogging”.

But the running technique from Japan should not be underestimated because it has several health benefits.

Admittedly, slow jogging looks a bit strange at first. You run with small steps and at a slow pace – of course you can’t make really fast progress that way. Even amateur runners at a moderate pace would easily overtake the “slow joggers”.

You should take at least 180 steps per minute when slow jogging. This creates a mixture of walking and running, which is said to be particularly gentle on the joints.

In addition, joggers touch the ground first with their metatarsals and not with their heels, as is the case with normal jogging. In this way, there is hardly any strain on the hips, knees and spine.

The running technique is therefore also suitable for beginners and overweight people to increase their personal fitness.

Tip: It is better to use sports shoes with light, flexible soles for slow jogging.

Just like regular jogging, slow jogging is a good way to get more exercise in your daily life and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, ambitious runners ask themselves: Do you burn calories at all when running extremely slowly?

Definitely: “The effectiveness of calorie burning is the same when running slowly as when running fast, you just spend longer on the move,” says sports doctor Lutz Hertel from the German Wellness Association in an interview.

However, how many calories you burn while (slow) jogging also depends on various factors such as weight and gender.

In addition, the body releases feelings of happiness during slow jogging. Researchers explain the phenomenon as follows: After just 30 minutes, the substance anandamnide is released, which acts in the same places as the main active ingredient in cannabis.

Enough reasons to try out the relaxed running technique, in our opinion.

The original for this article “This is why slow jogging is so good for the body” comes from FitForFun.