Streaming giant Netflix is ​​looking for cabin crew for its fleet of private jets. The pay is ten times the average wage. However, the requirements are not small either.

Flight attendant is still a dream job for many. However, this is often not due to the payment. This is often very different. The salary varies depending on the airline, type of contract, rank and numerous other factors. According to the job search portal Stepstone, the average wage in the cabin is 36,400 euros.

There is now a job advertised in the USA that promises up to ten times the wages. Streaming giant Netflix is ​​hiring cabin crew for its fleet of private jets. Anyone who works for Netflix and holds a managerial position not only enjoys a free account for the streaming service but also the privilege of being able to use Netflix planes privately – family members can do that too.

An annual salary of up to 385,000 dollars (around 355,000 euros) beckons for the advertised job. The final salary amount will be determined by a wide range of remuneration factors˛, according to the advertisement. The streaming service expects “independent judgment, discretion and outstanding customer service skills”. Discretion is also important.

Applicants should also be able to “work with few instructions and a lot of self-motivation”. This means, among other things, buying all the necessary groceries and beverages for each trip according to the requirements of discerning passengers.

On the ground you sometimes have to help load the plane. It is expected to be able to lift weights up to 30 pounds (about 13 kilograms). You should be able to cope with long downtimes and also be willing to work on weekends and public holidays. According to the tender, longer trips should not be a problem either.

The platform operates a Gulfstream G550 fleet. The machines offer space for up to 19 travelers with a maximum range of around 12,500 kilometers. The cabin is equipped with comfortable reclining seats or even full-size beds. Search is for San Jose, California.

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The original of this article “Netflix is ​​looking for cabin crew and offers mega salary” comes from aeroTelegraph.