28. august 2018 used two people a mikrofly to reinleting in the mountainous areas in Gildeskål municipality in the south of Bodø. The aircraft was reported missing the same evening and was later found crashed approximately 3 miles south of Ramnfjellet in hilly terrain.

today came the Aibn’s report after the accident.

the Image, taken at a previous occasion, shows the plane that was reported missing and later found in the mountains in Gildeskål.

Photo: the joint rescue coordination centre

They believe it is likely that the commander was surprised by the fallvind when he should rise above a mountain ridge at a low height so that he lost control of the aircraft.

the Aibn also writes that the aircraft was loaded beyond the permitted and in the climb towards steeper terrain and with a heavily loaded aircraft, it is likely that the speed was reduced until it stalled and crashed with a steep angle.

Two persons resident in the county of Nordland lost their lives in the accident. The two, Eskild Børje Winther solhaug’s house and Lars Nicholas Angler Kuhmunen, was looking at a reinbeiteoppdrag when the accident happened.

Patient may even scrutinize the fatalities with mikrofly