According to a report, US billionaire Elon Musk is planning to build the world’s largest supercomputer for his AI startup xAI. Musk announced at a presentation to investors that the supercomputer would be ready for operation by fall 2025, the industry portal “The Information” reported on Saturday.

According to Musk, the planned supercomputer that will be used for the next generation of the Grok chatbot will be at least four times larger than the models used by Meta to train its AI models. Musk founded xAI – AI stands for Artificial Intelligence – in July and hired employees from OpenAI, Google and the University of Toronto, among others. The head of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, the space company SpaceX and owner of X (formerly Twitter) also hopes to be able to use the developed AI technology for his companies. In November, xAI introduced the first version of the Grok chatbot.

Musk was one of the co-founders of OpenAI in 2015. But he dropped out again three years later. In March, Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI over its commercial focus. In the lawsuit, he argued that the company was intended to be a not-for-profit organization. The developer of the chatbot ChatGPT is now de facto a profit-oriented subsidiary of the software company Microsoft.

Musk has repeatedly warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, even calling AI “our greatest existential threat.” At the same time, the richest man in the world is investing heavily in artificial intelligence.