The 48-year-old australian to have been the father of two boys at one and two years, while he sought refuge in the embassy.

the Mother of the children is the south african lawyer Stella Morris, writes the newspaper Mail on Sunday. They write that they discovered the relationship in some rettspapirer last week.

In the interview tells Stella Morris that she fell in love with Assange five years ago in connection with the job.

I love Julian’s deep, and am looking forward to marry me with him, ” she says.

the Couple engaged themselves in 2017.

monitored the birth through video links

the Children came to while Assange sought refuge to avoid extradition to the united STATES. He is among other things accused of having helped with a data breach, which led to the leakage of large amounts of classified documents. Including whether the U.s. warfare in Iraq.

In november 2010, Assange also indicted by the Swedish authorities on suspicion of sexual assault against two women in Sweden.

Where the case was dismissed, before it was resumed again. But in november 2019 henla Swedish prosecutors the case again, because the evidence was not enough for a charge.

Assange should have followed with the birth of both their sons through a live link.

the Children’s gudmødre is the duchess of Beaufort, the former actress Tracy Ward and the british rapper M. I. A.

Assange was arrested in the ecuadorian embassy in London 11. april. Now he sits for the time imprisoned in the høysikkerhetsfengselet Belmarsh, and fighting to be extradited to the united STATES.

Fear for Assanges life

Stella Morris says she chose to reveal the relationship and tell about their sons because she fears for Assanges life as long as he is sitting in Belmarsh.

Morris and Assanges lawyers fear the prison may become hit hard by koronasmitte, where an inmate already is the death of Covid-19.

Assange will have struggled with poor health and among other things, a lung disease.

She asks that he shall be released under the government’s plans to free the prisoners to curb the spread of koronaviruset.

– The last five years, I have discovered that love can withstand utholdelige circumstances, but now I’m terrified that I will not see him alive again, ” she says to the newspaper.

A british court ruled last week that Assange can be released on bail.

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