After the suspected BND spy Carsten L. was exposed, it remained unclear how the German secret service found out about the man. According to a report by “Spiegel”, there were indications from a foreign intelligence service. A second BND employee probably also opened the secret documents.

The alleged double agent Carsten L. had access to highly sensitive documents and until recently worked as the head of the “Technical Intelligence” department at the BND, the Federal Intelligence Service. A week ago the handcuffs clicked, L. is said to have spied for Russia. But how did the intelligence service discover the suspected spy in its own ranks?

As the “Spiegel” reports, a Western secret service is said to have given the BND a crucial tip. The foreign agents found BND data in Russian systems several weeks ago. It is said to have been one or more documents on information about Russia. The secret service colleagues immediately informed the BND, whose security experts finally exposed Carsten L..

The federal prosecutor’s office is investigating him on suspicion of treason. The documents shared with Russia are said to be state secrets. As the “Spiegel” further reports, another person was targeted by the BND investigators during the investigation. She is said to have opened the secret documents on her work computer.

The investigations are also underway here, but the suspicion is said to have not been confirmed, according to the report. L. could rather have tried to divert suspicion about a second ignorant participant, according to the news magazine.