According to a media report, the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz intends to remove its A-Class from the range in the coming years.

The “Handelsblatt” reported on Monday, citing corporate circles, that the A-Class should be completely discontinued around 2025. There will be no successor for the variant as a hatchback or as an extended sedan.

According to the report, the Stuttgart carmaker is also phasing out its B-Class. Accordingly, both model series are considered unprofitable. According to the “Handelsblatt”, the changes will lead to higher entry-level prices for a Mercedes, from currently less than 30,000 euros to around 40,000 euros.

The travel chaos affects hundreds of thousands of passengers in Germany. But the flight attendants are also affected by the conditions. One of them spoke to FOCUS Online – and makes serious allegations against Lufthansa.

An electric car caused a serious fire in Neuhof in East Hesse. In the middle of the night, the Audi caught fire in the garage. The extinguishing work at the family house was difficult. Now it’s uninhabitable.

The federal government is looking for a way to stop heating up the wage-price spiral. Scholz is therefore hoping for one-off payments from employers instead of hefty wage increases.

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