As a reserve driver at Mercedes, Mick Schumacher has a new job in one of the top teams. Team boss Toto Wolff thinks highly of the young German.

Even if Mick Schumacher’s career as a regular Formula 1 driver is over for the time being, the German will not completely disappear from the premier class in 2023. As a substitute driver at Mercedes, he has a new job in one of the top teams.

Team boss Toto Wolff thinks highly of the young German and sees the new constellation as a win-win situation for both sides. “The most important factor is his personality,” he answers when asked what he expects from Schumacher in his role as a Mercedes reservist.

“He is a well educated, intelligent and talented young man. I think he did a very good job in his youth career. And I think if you give him a safe environment to develop in, he can be a good racer in a solid place in the future.”

“We also let Nyck de Vries go to give him a career,” Wolff draws the comparison to the Dutchman, who gained experience as a Mercedes junior and was able to get a cockpit at AlphaTauri for 2023.

“That could also be something that could happen to Mick,” believes the team boss. “Whether he stays with our team or goes somewhere else. We do not know yet.”

On the other hand, Wolff is certain of one thing about Schumacher: “He will make a massive contribution because he drove the new car for a year, has been in Formula 1 for two years, knows the tires and the difficulties inherent in the car DNA of the current Formula 1 generation.”

Whether he’s in the simulator or assessing the car overall, Schumacher will be “very helpful,” Wolff said. “It will be good to have him on the track and on the debriefs. He’s a credible young racer. So in that regard, if Mick comes into the team, we’ve definitely won.”

This article was written by Juliane Ziegengeist

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